The Healing Waters
Hydrosols are nature’s purest plant extracts. They contain only water and herb extract. Produced through steam distillation (a process of botanical extraction illustrated on the temple walls of ancient Egypt), our hydrosols are made with permission from the nature spirits of the land, and only in a way that will support balance in our ecosystem.

Pure Hydrosols distilled in the garden
These clear hydrosols are the distillate waters produced when distilling essential oils. They are vibrant extracts that contain the healing properties of the plants in a water-based form. They are extremely useful for topical application, for use in cremes, lotions and shampoos. Some are also very effective as internal remedies, including Devil’s club and Labrador tea. Like essential oils, they are extremely potent-much more so than typical alcohol based tinctures. Be sure to dilute them for internal use, (or use very small amounts-several drops per dose instead of a full dropper).

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