II. How do we communicate with the nature spirits?

This implies slowing down to receive and process intuitive information.

Often there are questions that may have specific answers: When is the best time to harvest, where to plant, how much fertilizer to use, etc. For this type of communication Kathryn found it most efficient to use a tool, such as pendulum dowsing or kinesiology. This makes it easy to receive clear yes or no answers.

As time passes and the relationship between humans and spirits grows stronger, many people are able to connect their consciousness directly with the nature spirits and hear their communications as clearly as if they are talking aloud. This is one of the ways that large segments of information, such as healing with flower essences, can be transmitted.

It is important to realize that every person is an individual and may have a different way of connecting with spirit. Some receive information in dreams, through meditation, or shamanic journeying. Some connect directly through only one guide, archangel, or ascended master. Others are able to connect with individual plant, soil, animal, weather, and diverse types of spirits. Some receive information best in a visual form, some a kinesthetic form, and others an audial form. Some receive whole concepts at once which they just “know”. Others receive bits of information at a time, which gradually evolve into pieces of a giant puzzle.

The important thing is to realize that we are all different and to honor our own personal way of connecting. When we acknowledge even small connections with the spirit world, our gratitude creates a positive field around us which draws more positive experience. This becomes the gateway to greater multi-dimensional awareness and communication.